Peace at Last

There are numerous behaviours one can 'get away with' by being a Dad. No, I do not mean childbirth, nor do I mean parental alienation. For example I love climbing trees, however it is not deemed socially acceptable for a grown man to walk over a forest alone and then proceed to climb trees, and … Continue reading Peace at Last

A Living Death?

Another well written article by lost-dad, incredibly poignant. Please read and share to raise awareness of the evil that is parental alienation.


The Future - Attribution: The Future – Attribution:

This post was suggested by my various professionals during my journey and a post by David Shubert on

I have thought about this a lot over the previous years. How to put into words the loss that I feel not seeing my children, having no idea what they are up to, not being asked daddy questions and an infinite amount of other possible situations.

I was ‘lucky’, in that I have found (or they found me?) a wonderful new partner and her son, both of whom adore me. They make me feel whole, and the residual doubt that I had every now and then that I could have been to blame for what happened between my children, their mother and I have been exorcised. I know I am a good partner and a good father to a son who isn’t mine. I certainly must…

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“To enable, or not to enable, that is the question…”

The above play on words got me pondering on both the nature and choice of behaviours of those that intentionally or unintentionally become enablers of parental alienation. "To be, or not to be, that is the question," from Shakespeare's Hamlet is arguably the best known line from literature and theatre. In its entirety the speech shows Hamlet's profound … Continue reading “To enable, or not to enable, that is the question…”

Everybody Hurts

In 1992 R.E.M. released their eighth studio album Automatic for the People. Back then I was a mere 18 years of age, living and growing up in North London. During this time my friends and I would meet outside the local offy (off licence/liquor store) every Friday evening prior to 'going out on the town'. Due to there … Continue reading Everybody Hurts

One Small Victory Against Parental Alienation

As the name of this blog suggests I am in a battle, however I do not revel in the fight. I am often defeated, but seek no pity for each loss. I cling on to those around me and trust in their love and support. All I wish is to be a father to my three … Continue reading One Small Victory Against Parental Alienation

Looking for Stories of Parents Affected by Parental Alienation…

In my continuing battle to fight parental alienation and promote social change I have started writing an evidence based article. This currently has the working title of 'Are UK authorities effectively safeguarding children in their approach to the issue that is parental alienation.' A recent post of mine (Cafcass Asked Me If I Had Any … Continue reading Looking for Stories of Parents Affected by Parental Alienation…

‘The Living Dead’, by David Shubert

I am incredibly proud to be involved with the organisation I Was Erased. This U.S. based group is the brainchild of David Shubert, who is a parent continuing to fight what is now a nine and a half year battle to be reunited with his children. The organisation's aim is to provide and share support and resources for … Continue reading ‘The Living Dead’, by David Shubert

Parental Alienation and Empathy

In the following paragraphs I would like to explore parental alienation and empathy. The definition of parental alienation is simple. One parent, (in most cases the resident parent) deliberately damages, and in some cases destroys, the previously healthy loving relationship between the child and the child’s other parent (the non-resident parent). A key tell-tale sign of parental alienation … Continue reading Parental Alienation and Empathy

Cafcass Asked Me If I Had Any Ideas. Here Is My 16 Page Response!

Over the last month I have been relentlessly hassling Cafcass (The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) in an attempt to get them to safeguard my children from their mother's ongoing emotional abuse. At time of writing, I have now not seen my children for almost 11 months. This is due to their mother denying … Continue reading Cafcass Asked Me If I Had Any Ideas. Here Is My 16 Page Response!

An Insight into the Life of an Alienated Parent

Life as an alienated parent is incredibly difficult to describe. Many alienated parents describe it as grieving for children that are still alive. I have also heard it described as a constant emotional pain, a constant sadness that never goes away. In essence the combined and constant feelings of loss and powerlessness are incredibly difficult to express in … Continue reading An Insight into the Life of an Alienated Parent