So I’ve Been Asked, What is Parental Alienation?

So I've been asked, what is parental alienation?... Simple... It is my ex stopping me from being a parent.


A Softer Approach to the Ultimate Goal to Reunite With Your Children

It is controversial. It divides opinions. Does it really exist? I’m talking of course about parental alienation.

I was in Family Court the Other Day…

The following is an anonymous contribution from one of the alienated parents that we support. In the interests of professionalism and confidentiality we have changed the individuals' names. So I was in family court the other day for the umpteenth time. My name is John, I am an alienated parent. I am a father to … Continue reading I was in Family Court the Other Day…

The Sun Will Rise

Those of us who have had the truly devastating experience of estrangement/alienation know only too well the damage it causes. When I became a grandparent for the first time, it was a truly magical time, somehow getting my head around the fact that a child of mine had now become a parent himself was surreal. … Continue reading The Sun Will Rise

When Breaking Off Contact is the Only Option

My divorce came after my wife made it clear to me that my function was that of a sperm donor. We wanted a second child, and after having sex once (scheduled by an Excel spreadsheet for her fertility) and not falling pregnant straight away, she insisted I have my sperm checked out and wouldn't sleep … Continue reading When Breaking Off Contact is the Only Option

Interview with an Alienated Parent

[The following is an interview with an alienated parent who wishes to remain anonymous] What is your experience of parental alienation? I separated from my wife two years ago. She told me that if I ever left her she would make sure I never saw my kids again. She said this numerous times throughout our … Continue reading Interview with an Alienated Parent

Parental Alienation; It’s all about control

Another guest post from another courageous parent speaking up about abuse so others may not have to: I've never been a huge fan of the whole narcissism theory. For me people tend to be a great deal more nuanced than that and if we accept a polemic then all empaths are essentially doomed while society … Continue reading Parental Alienation; It’s all about control

Reunification Case Study: An alternative to a solicitor or going it alone

In the previous two posts on the theme of re-unification and re-connection, we showcased some of the expertise of the children's social work team by focusing on the case study of Will and his son Zac. Complementing and enabling this work, by helping to remove the legal barriers erected by the alienating parent, was one … Continue reading Reunification Case Study: An alternative to a solicitor or going it alone

Trudge On or Give Up. What Other Choice is There?

The third post in a series by a father in a shared parenting situation, complicated by hundreds of miles and a hostile ex and new partner. He gives a valuable insight into another form of alienation, the use of divide and conquer tactics to manipulate siblings into abusing the target parent. The impact on the children … Continue reading Trudge On or Give Up. What Other Choice is There?

What If?

My husband and I are alienated grandparents. We have both been denied contact with our beloved grandchildren since 2016.. We are aged eighty and seventy nine respectively. So we are not young grandparents. So as if being alienated from our beautiful, special grandchildren we love was not bad enough and knowing that the alienation can go on for … Continue reading What If?