It Takes Two People to Make a Lie Work

When my husband and I sit and think about our grandchildren which can be any  given moment of any day or night, it breaks our hearts. It is now two years since we have seen or spoken to them. And if that is not hard enough it is the pain the lies have caused to them and … Continue reading It Takes Two People to Make a Lie Work

Parent Alienation is creating two worlds

'Peace not Pas' has been in existence less than a year. But sadly it has grown into a movement incredibly fast. The site started as a record of one UK parent's journey trying to stave off and cope with the effects of the disintegration of his children's lives at the hands of a ruthlessly hostile … Continue reading Parent Alienation is creating two worlds

Solomon’s Choice

Dear reader, Apologies for not writing for a while but have been working. I am reminded of the old story of King Solomon and his decision. The story recounts that two mothers living in the same house, each the mother of an infant son, came to Solomon. One of the babies had died, and each … Continue reading Solomon’s Choice

Family lawyers: they’re not ALL bad. Honest!

[The following is written by an anonymous contributor] I see a lot written by parents about "corrupt" or unscrupulous solicitors and legal professionals. I’m going to try and write something positive for a change. I have never fully added it up but I spent about £50,000 on legal fees. I don’t want to add it … Continue reading Family lawyers: they’re not ALL bad. Honest!

The Sheep Skinned Wolf

‘Narcissists attack the things you value most, because those are the things in life you will defend most passionately. And make no mistake- it’s intentional" [The following was written by an anonymous contributor.] Covert (not openly acknowledged or displayed) emotional manipulation and abuse occurs when a person who wants to exert power and control over … Continue reading The Sheep Skinned Wolf

Parental Alienation has Another Side

Parental alienation is a term that is becoming popular and for good reason. It describes a situation where a child exhibits unjustified hostility towards one parent. The general idea is that the child has been manipulated by one parent to view a capable and loving parent as bad. Of course this is nothing more or … Continue reading Parental Alienation has Another Side

The Story of a Great Man and a Great Father who Suffered at the Mercy of an Alienating Parent

"It’s his story yes. But it’s being told so others will continue to fight. It’s to raise awareness about Parental Alienation. You and many other fathers have said the exact same words “...I was there.” This is NOT okay. I watched a great man be torn apart. I watched everyone turn their backs on him … Continue reading The Story of a Great Man and a Great Father who Suffered at the Mercy of an Alienating Parent

149 Days… And counting

149 days 3,576 hours 214,560 seconds Once midnight strikes, it will mark 150 days that I have gone without seeing my daughter. A child that I cared for since birth, raised, pulled the first tooth, taught how to read, helped with her homework, coached her soccer team and put to sleep every night. Every night. … Continue reading 149 Days… And counting

View Through The Rabbit Hole

Guest post by an alienated parent reflecting what they see as the confusing madness of the family law process and support services. I’m expecting the Mad Hatter to pop out any moment and tell me it’s all been a great mistake. Or maybe the March Hare and the Queen of Hearts will appear and tell … Continue reading View Through The Rabbit Hole

Growing up with Parental Alienation

I offered to write this piece as I wanted to share a view of parental alienation that I suspect is often missed. That of the child caught in the middle. My parents divorced when I was about nine. As divorces go, I imagine it was fairly amicable. When we (my younger brother, sister and I) … Continue reading Growing up with Parental Alienation