Why isn’t Parental Alienation being taken seriously?

Another thought provoking piece from ‘lost dad’. Glad to see ‘lost dad’ back, well and writing once again.


Why is parental alienation not more widely known? why does it still exist after so many years, and more importantly, why isn’t anything happening to stop it?

Let’s take a somewhat different example that can be seen in every newspaper these days: Transgender discussions. Without going into any of the detail in the different arguments, or groups involved, let’s just take a figure: The UK assume that the number of transgenders in the population is around 0.1%, the United States says it is around 0.3%. Taking the figure to mean the entire population of the United Kingdom, that means that there are around 68,000 transgenders in the UK.

Why I am mentioning this?  Because this is the number at any one time. How many do you think are suffering from parental alienation at any one time? Children, absent parents, grandparents, etc.  Given that in 2012 according to the office of national…

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Parental Alienation; is change on the horizon?

Regarding the raising of awareness of parental alienation I believe change is on the horizon. I am not naive enough to believe it will happen overnight. However, very much like the general public's past lack of understanding of mental health, parental alienation is now starting on that same journey. Last week parental alienation was reported … Continue reading Parental Alienation; is change on the horizon?

Parental Alienation; Ethics and the Family Court

The word ethical derives from the Greek work ethos; meaning 'moral character.' Within the world that we live in most people, most members of society would agree that a moral character describes the characteristics of an individual whose overall behaviour is right in a moral sense; honest, fair and truthful. In it's simplest definition ethics … Continue reading Parental Alienation; Ethics and the Family Court

Parental Alienation; the Other Day I Challenged a Flying Monkey…

Another anonymous contribution from an alienated parent and their recent experience of challenging a flying monkey. [Please note the following content contains some expletive words.] The other day I ended up unintentionally challenging a flying monkey. There may be some of you that are not familiar with the term flying monkey within the context of … Continue reading Parental Alienation; the Other Day I Challenged a Flying Monkey…

Parental Alienation & the Ultimate Dilemma

The following is yet another anonymous contribution from a parent’s experience of battling a flawed system that fails to effectively challenge cases of parental alienation.  I wonder how many of you share this particular moral dilemma? If you are 100% alienated and your child(ren) are confined to a life enmeshed with only pathogenic parenting involving encapsulated … Continue reading Parental Alienation & the Ultimate Dilemma