It Takes Two People to Make a Lie Work

When my husband and I sit and think about our grandchildren which can be any  given moment of any day or night, it breaks our hearts. It is now two years since we have seen or spoken to them. And if that is not hard enough it is the pain the lies have caused to them and … Continue reading It Takes Two People to Make a Lie Work

WARNING! PAS: You’re next…

We recently wrote a provocative post suggesting that in an increasing number of cases, "single parenting" has become a lifestyle choice. We suggested that an alarming number of unscrupulous parents are deploying common tactics, shared within online networks, to strip assets, gain an income, often for life and then remove the targeted parent who no … Continue reading WARNING! PAS: You’re next…

I see you! Do you?

I am strong. But I am tired. I am physically tired from living with the mental anguish of grieving for children I love so dearly, who are close enough to hug, but who are now prevented, by you, from loving me. I am mentally tired from the pain of knowing I don't deserve that and … Continue reading I see you! Do you?

Parent Alienation is creating two worlds

'Peace not Pas' has been in existence less than a year. But sadly it has grown into a movement incredibly fast. The site started as a record of one UK parent's journey trying to stave off and cope with the effects of the disintegration of his children's lives at the hands of a ruthlessly hostile … Continue reading Parent Alienation is creating two worlds

Solomon’s Choice

Dear reader, Apologies for not writing for a while but have been working. I am reminded of the old story of King Solomon and his decision. The story recounts that two mothers living in the same house, each the mother of an infant son, came to Solomon. One of the babies had died, and each … Continue reading Solomon’s Choice

Family lawyers: they’re not ALL bad. Honest!

[The following is written by an anonymous contributor] I see a lot written by parents about "corrupt" or unscrupulous solicitors and legal professionals. I’m going to try and write something positive for a change. I have never fully added it up but I spent about £50,000 on legal fees. I don’t want to add it … Continue reading Family lawyers: they’re not ALL bad. Honest!

The Parental Alienation Quiz!

[Warning: The following is a parody quiz containing at times a disproportionate amount of sarcasm! No offence to any particular individuals is intended. The aim of this post is to highlight the lack of compassion and care along with the unbelievable amount of incompetence exhibited by numerous professionals that work within a flawed system that … Continue reading The Parental Alienation Quiz!

Let’s play PA *BINGO*!

We know from the hundreds of  suffering parents we talk with around the globe that the twisted game-playing parent alienators work in so many similar ways. The circumstances differ. But the tactics are so often the same. It's as if they are all holding the same bingo game card, where the numbers appear in a … Continue reading Let’s play PA *BINGO*!

One of the Best Days of My Life

The recent snow here in the UK has reminded me of one of the best days of my life. A few years back now I went out for the day with my two boys, B and T; it had been snowing heavily and there was thick snow everywhere. What else is a loving father and … Continue reading One of the Best Days of My Life

Parent Alienation: it seems to run in the family

What follows is out-takes from two brief, but disturbing conversations at a wedding this weekend with two grandmothers of parents who chose to alienate the other parent from the lives of their children. Story A: We were married in the 60s and I put all of my resources into building a home and supporting my … Continue reading Parent Alienation: it seems to run in the family