A Birthday, an Alienated One

Today, October 15,  my daughter turns five. I will call her using my tablet, that’s our channel. I hope the tablet is turned on. If the tablet is on, I hope she hears it and is allowed to answer. It’s been like this since February. A period after which the terrible and sinister powers of … Continue reading A Birthday, an Alienated One

Hindsight is such a precise art-form

An incredibly powerful piece of writing about parental alienation.
Please read and share this post to help raise awareness of this relatively unknown and misunderstood form of child abuse.
Thank you.

World of Psych

The news has been awash with stories of children cast to the dark forces of abuse by persons unknown, and not protected by the very forces such as the police, social workers, and other professionals that should be helping them.

They are now being offered support, mental health advice and have all the professional guidance needed, because as a nation we have been appalled that children should be allowed to fall between the cracks in this way. But this has taken close to a decade before the nation’s conscience has been pricked into action. Such abuse is unconscionable and will leave children growing into adults, that will require extensive use of the mental health services. As a society we all feel responsible that we have allowed this to happen, and will now be hyper-vigilant to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

As a society, we seem to learn retrospectively from our…

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An Alienated Grandfather’s Thoughts

It has been almost two years now that I have struggled on as an alienated grandfather. I have the memories still fresh in my mind of the happy and treasured times I once had with my grandchildren. For those of you unaware of what parental alienation actually is please see here for full details. "It … Continue reading An Alienated Grandfather’s Thoughts

Falling in Love and Parental Alienation

"Falling in love is not an act of will. It is not a conscious choice. No matter how open to or eager for it we may be, the experience may still elude us. Contrarily, the experience may capture us at times when we are definitely not seeking it, when it is inconvenient and undesirable." Wrote … Continue reading Falling in Love and Parental Alienation

My Life, then Parental Alienation

When deciding to write about my story, I wondered where to start. Before all this happened to me I was just a mother, a mother in law and a grandmother. I worked in customer services for a well known company and life for me was good. I was happy that my children were all married and … Continue reading My Life, then Parental Alienation

Representing Myself in Family Court!

As the title suggests I recently represented myself in Family Court. I would like to share with others how I found the whole experience. However I will not go into specific details due to both confidentiality and the fact my ex is threatening me with legal action unless I take down this blog. This legal … Continue reading Representing Myself in Family Court!

Have you heard the joke about the parent who complained to Cafcass!

For those readers not familiar with my blog I have now not seen my three beautiful children for over 13 months. This is due to my ex-partner and mother of my children breaching numerous Court Orders and 'successfully' denying me contact with my children. Like so many other alienated parents out there, my case is … Continue reading Have you heard the joke about the parent who complained to Cafcass!

Promoting Awareness of Parental Alienation

During my various meanderings on the internet, as part of my ongoing battle against parental alienation I have come across and networked with numerious people and groups. However most recently an opportunity to promote awareness of Parental Alienation has presented itself to me. For those unaware of what parental alienation is see here. I have … Continue reading Promoting Awareness of Parental Alienation

A little plan to raise awareness of parental alienation. Help needed!

Like many other alienated parents I have taken to the internet to vent, give and receive support and ultimately attempt to raise awareness of parental alienation. And also like many other alienated parents out there I have a blog. This humble little blog of mine is simply a cathartic narrative of my journey of fighting … Continue reading A little plan to raise awareness of parental alienation. Help needed!

Now, I’ve met some idiots in my time, but seriously!? 

To those unfamiliar with this blog, this is a cathartic narrative of my numerous experiences in battling parental alienation. See here for a definition of parental alienation. In writing these numerous posts I tend to veer away from going into too much detail of the numerous conversations I have with services and so called "professionals" as most … Continue reading Now, I’ve met some idiots in my time, but seriously!?