PA – It’s ALL about control

Another guest post from another courageous parent speaking up about abuse so others may not have to: I've never been a huge fan of the whole narcissism theory. For me people tend to be a great deal more nuanced than that and if we accept a polemic then all empaths are essentially doomed while society … Continue reading PA – It’s ALL about control

Forever Young!

Someone who I know to be a very good man, has fought a lifelong campaign for re-unification with his daughter, who turned 16 today. Parent Alienation is horrific, whatever range of terrible variables you happen to be enduring. But this man has had to watch his former partner set up home with a man who … Continue reading Forever Young!

Reunification Case Study: An alternative to a solicitor or going it alone

In the previous two posts on the theme of re-unification and re-connection, we showcased some of the expertise of the children's social work team by focusing on the case study of Will and his son Zac. Complementing and enabling this work, by helping to remove the legal barriers erected by the alienating parent, was one … Continue reading Reunification Case Study: An alternative to a solicitor or going it alone

Trudge on or give up. What other choice is there?

The third post in a series by a father in a shared parenting situation, complicated by hundreds of miles and a hostile ex and new partner. He gives a valuable insight into another form of alienation, the use of "divide and conquer" tactics to manipulate siblings into abusing the target parent. The impact on the … Continue reading Trudge on or give up. What other choice is there?

PA: Reunification Case Study Part II

This is the second part of our blog by the reunification expert team, illustrating that re-connecting, even after extreme alienation, is not only achievable, but that there is a proven pathway that alienated parents can follow. We last left the story at the point in the process where the little boy had been re-introduced to … Continue reading PA: Reunification Case Study Part II

PA: The constrictor tightens its grip

What follows is the second instalment of a story a father shared with us in a previous blog. He shares the care of his children who are now split between two households, his ex having moved hundreds of miles away with her boyfriend, having simply abducted them from school one day. He still has primary … Continue reading PA: The constrictor tightens its grip

Overcoming Alienation: Case study by a reunification specialist

As our network continues to grow, our gender neutral approach and constructive, child-centered, shared-parenting ethos is attracting a fast-growing movement of like-minds. This community now includes parents, step-parents, siblings, grandparents and professionals who share our vision. Alison Bushell has been with us from the beginning. She is one of our trusted advisers and one of a … Continue reading Overcoming Alienation: Case study by a reunification specialist

THIS is PA: Parent Alienation

It is Parent Alienation Awareness Day 2018. The abuse of children and their alienated parent's civil rights is happening in every town, every day. But the fact that people still need to be educated to understand what it means, speaks volumes. Because people who aren't experiencing it either ignore it or  just don't get it. … Continue reading THIS is PA: Parent Alienation

What are the consequences of dis-engagement where you work?

A follow up to the guest post from management guru Ian Buckingham talking about the disconnect between what is being said at Cafcass and what people are seeing!

The Brand Trilogy (TBT)

working dead BE 2

A lot of people jumped on the employee engagement bandwagon in recent years and one of the side-effects is that it has become a bit of a cliche.

There’s so much noise that it engenders a sort of social-media equivalent of an ice-cream headache.


Because so-many opportunists are offering silver-bullet solutions to the scourge of the walking dead employee in the form of “an app” or “a tech solution” that the zombies have become immune, especially those in the leadership positions who should be taking the subject very seriously indeed.

As I’ve proven and illustrated time and again throughout my consultancy career, whether with the Omnicom group helping blue chip brands or my consultancy career helping the likes of the Nuffield Group, Northern Ireleand Tourist Board or even tech companies like ARM Holdings, organisation culture, people processes and leadership behaviour are the keys to building sustainable brands.

Yet in…

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“I saw the light die.” More PA terror.

This disturbing post features two stories from two different parents who have contributed here before. The tales will upset some people as they show PA for the raw abuse it is. Unfortunately, as our growing network tell us, incidents like this are happening daily. If these parents behave like this toward the other parent and … Continue reading “I saw the light die.” More PA terror.