Hindsight is such a precise art-form

An incredibly powerful piece of writing about parental alienation.
Please read and share this post to help raise awareness of this relatively unknown and misunderstood form of child abuse.
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World of Psych

The news has been awash with stories of children cast to the dark forces of abuse by persons unknown, and not protected by the very forces such as the police, social workers, and other professionals that should be helping them.

They are now being offered support, mental health advice and have all the professional guidance needed, because as a nation we have been appalled that children should be allowed to fall between the cracks in this way. But this has taken close to a decade before the nation’s conscience has been pricked into action. Such abuse is unconscionable and will leave children growing into adults, that will require extensive use of the mental health services. As a society we all feel responsible that we have allowed this to happen, and will now be hyper-vigilant to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

As a society, we seem to learn retrospectively from our…

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Representing Myself in Family Court!

As the title suggests I recently represented myself in Family Court. I would like to share with others how I found the whole experience. However I will not go into specific details due to both confidentiality and the fact my ex is threatening me with legal action unless I take down this blog. This legal … Continue reading Representing Myself in Family Court!

Father and Son

"It's not time to make a change, just relax, take it easy, you're still young, that's your fault, there's so much you have to know." The opening lines from the Cat Stevens track Father and Son. I have always loved and admired this song, particularly the lyrics. Such poignant and touching lyrics easily evoking loving … Continue reading Father and Son

Roles Vs Labels

Recently I had the pleasure of guest writing for Men Tell Health which is an organisation that aids and supports men that are affected by mental health. As they state on their website if you're not a man or don't suffer with mental health issues that doesn't mean you're not welcome. Absolutely not. Maybe you're a … Continue reading Roles Vs Labels

Under Pressure 

In a previous life, I used to be a drummer. Just for the record I refer to a previous period of my life, not as in reincarnation. Because a life prior to parental alienation and/or depression can seem like a completely different life at times. For those unfamiliar with the term parental alienation please see … Continue reading Under Pressure 

The Triad of Empowerment

As I often do, I am reflecting on my current circumstances whilst writing this article. In terms of my current life stressors I am currently going through a high conflict divorce. I am also unjustifiably being denied any contact with my three beautiful children by my ex-partner. And I have recently returned to work following … Continue reading The Triad of Empowerment

Parental Alienation, Good Versus Evil

In my experience of battling parental alienation thus far I have come to realise the following: It is generally not recognised by the judicial system, dismissed by so called professionals, and underestimated even when recognised and documented as minimally as possible with phrases such as "exhibits alienating behaviours." It appears to only be known by … Continue reading Parental Alienation, Good Versus Evil

The Denial of Depression

Anyone that has ever experienced depression may well be guilty of it. Family and friends may have witnessed their loved ones guilty of it. As the title suggests I am exploring the denial of depression. I recently experienced a severe period of depression, lasting approximately three months. My marriage broke down last year. And since … Continue reading The Denial of Depression

Have you heard the joke about the parent who complained to Cafcass!

For those readers not familiar with my blog I have now not seen my three beautiful children for over 13 months. This is due to my ex-partner and mother of my children breaching numerous Court Orders and 'successfully' denying me contact with my children. Like so many other alienated parents out there, my case is … Continue reading Have you heard the joke about the parent who complained to Cafcass!

Say Hello to Heaven

Since Chris Cornell's death on 18th May this year I have been considering whether to write about it or not. I decided to reflect on this decision for a while and consider what it was I actually wanted to express, discuss and disclose. As a music fan I first came across Chris Cornell as a … Continue reading Say Hello to Heaven