Who are we?

This site initially started life as a blog. It was initially the cathartic narrative of one of our founding team member’s dealings, battles and overall experience with the living nightmare that is parental alienation.

For those unaware of the term parental alienation, or for those who may be experiencing contact denial with their children please see here for a full definition.

However, as the number of abused victims of parent alienation grows leading to misery for children and parents alike, we have fast become a movement that aims to promote awareness of parental alienation. We also aim to provide support to all those affected by parental alienation.

As a movement we will endeavour to work as hard as we can to make a positive change  and bring an end to the emotional abuse that we know as parental alienation. We believe that collectively we have the right skill set, motivation and knowledge to challenge the obstacles that lay in front of us as we fight to protect our children.

The Peace Not PAS Team