Our Vision

Our Vision is:

That all children will grow up in a world where their rights and parenting are shared equally between both biological parents. In addition, children will have a fulfilling, positive, and equal relationship with both sides of their extended family, including within blended families*.

Our 7-step Mission is to:

  1. Define what it means to truly SHARE parenting
  2. Illustrate the lasting negative impacts of high conflict divorce and educate parents, families and the divorce industry on Parent Alienation in particular and the problems caused
  3. Establish self-help and third-party support services that enable and equip loving parents to overcome challenges preventing positive shared parenting
  4. Attract and engage with a community of positive like minds
  5. Co-create and grow the anti-PAS, “Peace not PAS” movement
  6. Proactively influence third party stakeholders in decision making positions on the measures they could and should take to ensure that positive shared parenting becomes the norm rather than the exception
  7. Positively influence the unacceptably chronic levels of unhappiness and growing mental health problems impacting alienated children and estranged parents


The Peace not Pas Team

*[Definition of blended families should include non-biological legal parents, including adoptive parents.]