Our Ethos

As our name suggests, we don’t exist to perpetuate the damaging hostility that high conflict divorce and separation causes. We’re here to highlight its dangers and to work towards ending parent alienation #pas.

We’re here to stand up for the rights and responsibilities of the millions of people affected by parent alienation and the tangled web of associated problems and issues this very real and rapidly spreading problem causes for parents, families and their children alike.

Our aim is to restore peace of mind to the everyday lives of those impacted by pas so our children can themselves live happy and fulfilling lives supported by both biological parents, leading by example.

We believe in :

alphabet-2001964_960_720roactivity: We are not here to whine or simply vent, we will make a difference.
alphabet-2001951_960_720mpathy: Our community is here to listen and to be heard.
alphabet-2001949_960_720ssertiveness:  We will make make sense of the chaos, add credibility , wisdom and stand up for our beliefs.
alphabet-2001950_640ompassion: We’re decent people to interact with, kind and understanding.
alphabet-2001951_960_720volution: Our social support mechanisms and systems must evolve as parenting does.

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The Peace Not PAS Team