I’m a forty something(!) dad of three beautiful children aged 7, 11 and 12 and a victim of parental alienation.

Following the breakdown of my marriage in the summer of 2016 the mother of my children immediately denied me access to our children. While I started to seek legal advice she made false allegations against me, stating I had physically harmed my children. This in turn created a ‘safeguarding concern’ against me, and as such I was not permitted any contact with my children whilst ‘under investigation’. This key turn of events was key to the alienating mother’s intention of turning my children against me. Within 5 months of my separation from their mother my children have taken on the belief that I have abandoned and deserted them. With this false and entrenched belief my children at this point are stating that they no longer want anything to do with me.

At this point I am faced with extortionate legal fees, a judicial system that seems unbelievably biased against non-resident parents (normally fathers) and an ex partner that seems to think it is acceptable to allow our children to believe they have been abandoned and rejected by their father (me!).

This blog initially started life as a cathartic narrative of my dealings, battles and overall experience with the living nightmare that is parental alienation. However being a qualified mental health I have found myself writing about mental health more often, which invariably is connected with living with parental alienation.

However, despite all this I have the amazing support and love of my family and partner. Never have I experienced such love and support. X

btg dad