Let’s play PA *BINGO*!

We know from the hundreds of  suffering parents we talk with around the globe that the twisted game-playing parent alienators work in so many similar ways.

The circumstances differ.

But the tactics are so often the same.

It’s as if they are all holding the same bingo game card, where the numbers appear in a different order, but they’re all called by the game master…eventually.


So, “eyes down looking”, what numbers have they pulled out of the bag labelled with your children’s lives?

  1. making the other parent apply to court to see the children
  2. putting the children through social worker interviews for no good reason
  3. dictating the terms by which the other parent will see them
  4. refusing to co-draft child arrangements/shared parenting plan
  5. getting lawyers to threaten less time with the children unless other parent cooperates or using time as a bargaining tool
  6. refusing to discuss and agree basic needs like routines, medication, school choices, school events, parent consultation, doctors, clothing, activities
  7. refusing to “allow” school pickup
  8. refusing to share significant events like Christmas
  9. late cancellation of agreed dates
  10. unilaterally dictating children’s calendars
  11. refusing to agree forward schedule of events/dates
  12. refusing to communicate other than through lawyers
  13. criticising the other parent and partner
  14. criticising gifts, presents or clothes and other items bought by the other parent
  15. undermining the other parent’s decisions and parenting
  16. placing the children in the centre of arguments
  17. discussing age inappropriate issues with children like finances
  18. where there’s more than one child targeting one child first, splitting them and playing divide and conquer, showering the “loyal” child with special gifts and attention
  19. colluding with parents of children’s friends to organise events during the other parent’s time then saying they can go without consulting them leaving it to child to resolve
  20. not telling the other parent about diary clashes
  21. arranging pickup in car parks and other alien environments
  22. creating conflict during pickup
  23. using hostile impersonal terminology to refer to the other parent’s time to imply it is less worthy eg contact or visitation or even babysitting
  24. making the children scared of the other parents by threatening to withdraw affection if the children show affection for them or telling lies about them
  25. referring to children as “best friends” and treating them like adults, a form of grooming
  26. secretly “arming” young children with phones during their time with the other parent and giving the children “missions” to spy and report back
  27. attacking and verbally abusing children for liking the other parent
  28. telling children they are disloyal for liking the other parent and punishing them
  29. linking financial discussions to child arrangements
  30. supervising calls or communication with the other parent
  31. criticising the other parent in front of the childrens friends and their parents
  32. encouraging family and friends to criticise the other parent
  33. creating hostility during children’s events attended by the other parent
  34. including new partners in the conflict
  35. making parents negotiate with new partners
  36. lying to court to access legal aid
  37. claiming they “will not make their children do what they don’t want to”
  38. cutting off all contact with the other half of their family
  39. refusing to comply with court orders
  40. claiming the rejection of the other parent is the child’s idea

Anyone with a “full house”?

Find any other numbers?

These people are playing a game with your lives.

Fun for ALL the family.

How are you enjoying the “game”?

Note: We will gladly refer readers to true professionals who add value, deliver results and operate in line with our core principles. 

We are also more than happy to feature quality content by writers; any wish to remain anonymous will be respected.

So if you align with our vision and ethos, have someone to recommend, are someone we would recommend or have something to say on the subject of shared parenting and parent equality in either a personal or professional capacity and would like a platform to have your say or contribute in some way to our cause, please contact us.


The Peace Not Pas Team

7 thoughts on “Let’s play PA *BINGO*!

  1. Unfortunately i have a full house, but don’t feel like a winner, only a loser. When the chips are stacked against you, the house always wins. If this was anything else that is clearly so biased, Panorama would have sent in a uncover reporter!

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  4. And the “game” takes on a whole different dimension the minute i-phones are introduced, keeping the kids on that string from the minute they leave the resident’s parent’s side, providing live reportage of your life and not allowing the children a second of genuine peace and quiet!


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