PAS at Easter: Can you really hide from your “Christian” conscience?

The holidays are particularly painful times for alienated parents, the victims of abusive resident parents who deny the non-resident parent any time with their children, often out of pure malice, regardless of whether that time is court ordered or not. To an alienated parent, there are so many triggers for pain that surround us every … Continue reading PAS at Easter: Can you really hide from your “Christian” conscience?

We’re still being bullied and I’m scared, really scared!

Second guest post by one of our parents, a father who currently shares residency status with the children split between two households. I’ll admit it. I’m scared. Bullying is defined as someone with power over another using that power to cause them harm. I know that feeling too well. My former wife abused her position … Continue reading We’re still being bullied and I’m scared, really scared!

Parental Alienation; Kings & Queens

I see battling parental alienation very similar to playing a game of chess. They both require strategic moves. Both have an adversarial nature to them and there is no compromise. You either win or you lose. Imagine if you will the Queen representing the targeting parent and the King representing the alienated parent. The Queen is … Continue reading Parental Alienation; Kings & Queens

Parent Alienation: The poisoned apple never falls far from the tree.

There's an age-old saying about predicting the evolution of your other half "Want to know what she/he will be like later in life? Take a look at her/his mum/dad". In fact it's spawned a whole "like father like son, like mother like daughter" genre of articles. But what few of us properly appreciate about this … Continue reading Parent Alienation: The poisoned apple never falls far from the tree.

Parent Alienation in popular culture

Parent alienation has been hiding in plain sight for years. Watch this excellent explanation of PA assembled from clips from that most popular of tv series Desperate Housewives. I bet most people watching this can remember some of these scenes and not taking them that seriously or thinking through the implications....But now it has happened … Continue reading Parent Alienation in popular culture

It Takes Two People to Make a Lie Work

When my husband and I sit and think about our grandchildren which can be any  given moment of any day or night, it breaks our hearts. It is now two years since we have seen or spoken to them. And if that is not hard enough it is the pain the lies have caused to them and … Continue reading It Takes Two People to Make a Lie Work

WARNING! PAS: You’re next…

We recently wrote a provocative post suggesting that in an increasing number of cases, "single parenting" has become a lifestyle choice. We suggested that an alarming number of unscrupulous parents are deploying common tactics, shared within online networks, to strip assets, gain an income, often for life and then remove the targeted parent who no … Continue reading WARNING! PAS: You’re next…

I see you! Do you?

I am strong. But I am tired. I am physically tired from living with the mental anguish of grieving for children I love so dearly, who are close enough to hug, but who are now prevented, by you, from loving me. I am mentally tired from the pain of knowing I don't deserve that and … Continue reading I see you! Do you?

Parent Alienation is Creating Two Worlds

'Peace not Pas' has been in existence less than a year. But sadly it has grown into a movement incredibly fast. The site started as a record of one UK parent's journey trying to stave off and cope with the effects of the disintegration of his children's lives at the hands of a ruthlessly hostile … Continue reading Parent Alienation is Creating Two Worlds

Solomon’s Choice

Dear reader, Apologies for not writing for a while but have been working. I am reminded of the old story of King Solomon and his decision. The story recounts that two mothers living in the same house, each the mother of an infant son, came to Solomon. One of the babies had died, and each … Continue reading Solomon’s Choice