Empaths vs Narcissists: people are not all dark or all light.

When I hear people simplify parent alienation dynamics into those with personality disorders vs those without, or the abnormal vs the normal, it troubles me. The act of alienating one parent from their own children on purpose, despite full knowledge of what that will do to the children in particular, may seem like the work … Continue reading Empaths vs Narcissists: people are not all dark or all light.

Why does so much PA advice describe water to the drowning?

I once heard parent alienation, where one parent has to get through each day with a living bereavement, poignantly described as "drowning in a sea of hope being hit by endless waves of grief." If you've ever been unfortunate enough to see someone actually struggling in water, they are literally consumed by a largely alien, … Continue reading Why does so much PA advice describe water to the drowning?

The Sheep Skinned Wolf

‘Narcissists attack the things you value most, because those are the things in life you will defend most passionately. And make no mistake- it’s intentional" [The following was written by an anonymous contributor.] Covert (not openly acknowledged or displayed) emotional manipulation and abuse occurs when a person who wants to exert power and control over … Continue reading The Sheep Skinned Wolf

Parental Alienation has Another Side

Parental alienation is a term that is becoming popular and for good reason. It describes a situation where a child exhibits unjustified hostility towards one parent. The general idea is that the child has been manipulated by one parent to view a capable and loving parent as bad. Of course this is nothing more or … Continue reading Parental Alienation has Another Side

Has parent alienation become a lifestyle brand?

I was triggered to write that headline by a programme on Woman's Hour on Radio 4 this week which explored changing attitudes to what it still called "single parenting" in the UK. This has been a subject that has troubled me for years as it is clear to me that, probably since the early 80s … Continue reading Has parent alienation become a lifestyle brand?

Where is the Justice?

A couple of days ago I went for a mediation session. I am what is known as an alienated parent. Following our separation in the summer of 2016, my ex has continuously denied me contact with my three young children. She has brainwashed them against me; to the point of them no longer calling me … Continue reading Where is the Justice?