Touched by the Cruelty of Parental Alienation

I have been touched by the cruelty of parental alienation. Perhaps from a distance but enough to have made me actually cry last Christmas. And enough for me to get so frustrated at the futility of the battle that I could explode!

“These young children were brainwashed, denied the truth and denied their father.” 

You see, my sister’s partner has been fighting to see his children for a very long time. At first, it appeared to be a kind of hell hath no fury like a woman scorned scenario, anger from the ex, torn clothes etc.

But it wasn’t long before the children become her weapon, her way to attempt to maintain power and control. These young children were brainwashed, denied the truth and denied both direct and indirect contact with their father. All this emotional trauma, facilitated by their very own mother.

The reason I write this is because I was once in the same position as this woman. I am a mother with a young daughter whose father, my then husband left me and said he didn’t love me anymore. I had all the typical feelings; hurt, fear, anger, bitterness. I felt like I wanted revenge and wanted to  make him suffer for hurting me! I did feel out of control like my future was uncertain and there was invariably a fear of being alone.

But and this is a big but. This is what separates me from a pissed off woman feeling scorned, compared to an alienating parent. I knew that my little girl loved her daddy and he loved her. They did things together, just the two of them.

“It is against a parent’s inherent natural instinct to not encourage the other parent to spend time with their own child.”

Being six years of age at the time, it was difficult for her to understand life without her parents being together. As much as I felt I hated him I had to remind myself that he still loved our daughter deep down. It is against a parent’s inherent natural instinct to not encourage the other parent to spend time with their own child.

That is why I cannot understand a woman who would deprive a loving father of their children. Empathy from being a parent myself surely makes you understand?

When you create little humans together one parent doesn’t have precedence over the other; it is equal, call me old fashioned.

If old fashioned is happy healthy children knowing they are loved for by both parents separated or not – then bring it on!

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10 thoughts on “Touched by the Cruelty of Parental Alienation

  1. Very poignant and a great example to resident parents who are tempted to choose the way of personal vendetta and inflicting pain on their ex by hurting their children they had together
    Interesting to see so many apologists for parent alienation now it is being recognised as the abusive product of people with clear personality disorders. Are we starting to see a real groundswell of families who have had enough of these selfish “dogs in mangers”?

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  2. It is a very well written piece indeed. It brings a sharp focus on the fact that being a parent is a duty and a responsibility, and it should never be the case that a child should fall victim to the foibles and fickleness of adults.

    I also feel we need to have a certain level of quality in replies to posts. Ranty, poorly written posts do our work no justice. Debates and discussions are important, even disagreements are healthy – but unreadable posts don’t contribute anything of use.

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  3. Absolutely Colin. For someone to smear the comments with half a dozen foul and abusive, ranting and indecipherable responses that I am pleased have now been deleted was a disgrace. Imagine that person’s parenting style!
    But it does illustrate how a minority of disturbed individuals are quite capable of abuse to defend a very selfish world view and rather proves the point of the post, ironically.

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