Mission Debate 2: Educating People on the lasting negative impact of #PAS

High conflict divorce, often deliberately provoked by an adversarial approach to legal representation and a culture of litigation, has lasting negative impacts on parents and children.

This has been identified as one of the root causes of parent alienation or #PAS.

In your experience, what are the lasting negative impacts of high conflict divorce and parental alienation #pas?

Please comment below…………..

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The Peace Not Pas Team


One thought on “Mission Debate 2: Educating People on the lasting negative impact of #PAS

  1. Twitter comments to date:
    – rolling financial problems for the family undermining children’s future
    – wasting money on adversarial lawyers that should be invested in children’s future
    – psychological problems for children related to identity, self-confidence, support and relationship management in the future (who to trust?)
    – depression and the ongoing issues this creates for families and society inc inability to function at work
    – loss of potential, time wasted on “going nowhere”
    – funding an industry of poor quality hangers on (a divorce industry based on perpetuating a negative)
    – problems stored for the future (school events, graduations, weddings etc which kids will come to dread)
    – time-bomb waiting to explode when kids discover truth themselves and reject perpetrator when they may need them most (old age)
    – rolling impact on other relationships adults may try to have due to unresolved issues

    Keep them coming folks……………..


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