Parental Alienation – See it? Stop it!

#PAS Tolerate the trash talk and your kids could be next!

Daddy don't you walk so fast


We all ignore parental alienation at times. I know I used to listen to so-called single parents slating former partners at will for being “dead beat” or “selfish” or “abandoning their kids” being too embarrassed or unwilling to get involved. I also used to accept the conjecture offered as a fact that “he isn’t interested in the kids” or “he doesn’t bother”.

But having had children myself, I don’t tolerate this talk any longer. I now  recognise, as painful experience has taught me, that one-sided parenting is more often than not by design, it is often the product of deliberate parent alienation and that the process of parental alienation is an insidious, creeping affair, infecting one relationship at a time. It depends on and thrives on indifference, ignorance and the reluctance of friends and family to take a stance and cut it off at source in the best interest of…

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