Parental Alienation – See it? Stop it!

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Mission 1. Debate: What is Shared Parenting?

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Halloween, Parental Alienaton and Trick or Treating

Halloween is just another seasonal celebration missed by those of us that are alienated from our children. For those readers unfamiliar with the term parental alienation please see here. I vividly remember helping my children each year carve out the Halloween pumpkins to be placed outside the house. I also remember every evening after nightfall … Continue reading Halloween, Parental Alienaton and Trick or Treating

Your Kids Don’t Need a Martyr….They Need YOU!

As we enter the traditional remembrance season during which those who sacrificed themselves for the "greater good" are recognised, it is worth reflecting that men have been programmed for self-sacrifice since, well forever. They instinctively sleep by the bedroom door, allegedly hard wired to be the first reactor, defender, first victim should something nasty invade the … Continue reading Your Kids Don’t Need a Martyr….They Need YOU!

Reflecting on my First Public Speech on Parental Alienation 

As regular readers of this blog will be aware I was recently invited to talk about parental alienation as part of a book launch. Colin Ward ( the author of his newly published novel To Die For kindly invited me along to give a talk on the subject as parental alienation features heavily in his … Continue reading Reflecting on my First Public Speech on Parental Alienation 

Today Was a Tough Day 

Today was a tough day for me. Today it was my birthday. The day I would have loved to have shared with my grandchildren, but I couldn't. The reason why? I am an alienated  grandmother, that is the reason why. For those of you unaware of what parental alienation actually is please see here for … Continue reading Today Was a Tough Day 

Dungeons and Dragons

Dear reader, It occurred to me today to think about parental alienation from a different angle. How do people become the person that stops one person from being involved in their child's life when they are divorced? Perhaps its stems from problems they already have? Please don't think for one moment that I'm condoning their … Continue reading Dungeons and Dragons

A Birthday, an Alienated One

Today, October 15,  my daughter turns five. I will call her using my tablet, that’s our channel. I hope the tablet is turned on. If the tablet is on, I hope she hears it and is allowed to answer. It’s been like this since February. A period after which the terrible and sinister powers of … Continue reading A Birthday, an Alienated One

Hindsight is such a precise art-form

An incredibly powerful piece of writing about parental alienation.
Please read and share this post to help raise awareness of this relatively unknown and misunderstood form of child abuse.
Thank you.

World of Psych

The news has been awash with stories of children cast to the dark forces of abuse by persons unknown, and not protected by the very forces such as the police, social workers, and other professionals that should be helping them.

They are now being offered support, mental health advice and have all the professional guidance needed, because as a nation we have been appalled that children should be allowed to fall between the cracks in this way. But this has taken close to a decade before the nation’s conscience has been pricked into action. Such abuse is unconscionable and will leave children growing into adults, that will require extensive use of the mental health services. As a society we all feel responsible that we have allowed this to happen, and will now be hyper-vigilant to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

As a society, we seem to learn retrospectively from our…

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An Alienated Grandfather’s Thoughts

It has been almost two years now that I have struggled on as an alienated grandfather. I have the memories still fresh in my mind of the happy and treasured times I once had with my grandchildren. For those of you unaware of what parental alienation actually is please see here for full details. "It … Continue reading An Alienated Grandfather’s Thoughts