Father and Son

"It's not time to make a change, just relax, take it easy, you're still young, that's your fault, there's so much you have to know."


Roles Vs Labels

Recently I had the pleasure of guest writing for Men Tell Health which is an organisation that aids and supports men that are affected by mental health. As they state on their website if you're not a man or don't suffer with mental health issues that doesn't mean you're not welcome. Absolutely not. Maybe you're a … Continue reading Roles Vs Labels

Under Pressure 

In a previous life, I used to be a drummer. Just for the record I refer to a previous period of my life, not as in reincarnation. Because a life prior to parental alienation and/or depression can seem like a completely different life at times. For those unfamiliar with the term parental alienation please see … Continue reading Under Pressure